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AP Environmental Science : Period 1
Instructor: Dr. Scott   
Welcome to APES 2010-2011
This is a bristlecone pine tree, one of the oldest living trees on Earth.
Period 1 Announcements
Welcome to APES!
Keep up with your assignments this semester! We will be very busy with preparations for the AP exam and your regular classwork and labs. To help you keep up, we will be following the syllabus and there will be no late work accepted. If you keep up, you won't find yourself buried under an avalanche of late work!
Homework Policy
FORMATTING HOMEWORK: Remember to use the required format for homework that you submit on-line. On-line home work files need to have your complete name and the assignment in the document title. This is important because I download the assignments to a file on my computer for grading. I love to read your comments, but neither your names or comments are downloaded with the file. If you want credit for your work, title your files with your name and the assignment. An example:   Barbara_Scott_unit6SGQ1.docx

Also, remember to include the questions with your answers FOR ALL HOMEWORK. You can cut and paste them in if you type your work. This will help you to write more complete answers! Many of you are still skipping large sections of the questions which is resulting in lower scores!

All assigned homework is due and must be turned in at the beginning of class, in class, unless submitted on this web site.
DO NOT EMAIL YOUR HOMEWORK! EMAILED ASSIGNMENTS ARE DELETED. The on-line drop box is an extra (and generous) option to allow extra time and an alternative way to submit selected assignments that I will STOP PROVIDING if students continue to email homework or claim to have sent their homework to my email as an excuse.  
AP Readiness!
The first AP Readiness session is Saturday, September, 24.  You must register online. The website for registration will be available after August 22nd, and can be found at  Check the AP Readiness folder on the right after September 7th for topics and bus times !
Bring your textbook and supplies to class!
Please remember to bring your covered textbook, agenda, supplies and completed homework to class every day. There will be random book and bookcover checks in every class - so be prepared!

How to Get the Most From This Website

Remember to check your email for reminders and notifications of added assignments.

  • Never give out your password - it compromises our class.
  • Get the most out of this site by signing up and using all of the available tools.
  • When you sign up to a classroom, you have a personal, web-based calendar that lists assignments where you can also add all of your other appointments and assignments! Just click on "My Page" after you sign in.

Parents: Please join our classrooms - You'll be able to receive email notifications and view your students' assignments all on one calendar.

Plagiarism is not new & is never okay!

If the words are not yours, neither is the credit. All work turned in for this class must be your own original work as stated in the class syllabus. This includes, but is not limited to essays, reports, quizzes, tests, homework, class work,and any other work submitted for credit. Students who turn in plagiarized work or work that is not their own will recieve a zero on the work in question. The NAHS Accademic Integrity Policy will be strictly enforced; violations will be reported to your counselor and the  school administration.

All of the following are considered plagiarism:

    • Turning in someone else's work as your own.

    • Copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit.

    • Failing to put a quotation in quotation marks.

    • Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation.

    • Changing words, but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit.

    • Copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not.

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